Package unit installations

Package unit installations can be a very quick and easy job or it can be very complicated, based on the existing air duct and plenum box designs, how much room is in the attic, air duct sizes, vent sizes and supply and return sizes

Furnace Changeout

The Right Choice Heating and Air installed a new 60,000 BTU upflow furnace by AC Pro.

Complete System Installation

The Right Choice Heating and Air installed a Goodman 4 ton furnace, 4 ton condenser, and 4 ton Coil. For this installation we also installed a new lineset on the exterior of the house.

Coil and Condenser changeout

The most common jobs for coil and condenser replacements are usually just to change out the existing equipment, however, we always recommend replacing the entire system to get the maximum efficiency from the hvac unit.


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