Furnace Changeout

This installation was done in Los Angeles.
The Right Choice Heating and Air installed a new 60,000 BTU upflow furnace by AC Pro. For this installation we included a filter base, new flu vent pipe, new gas flex, pigtail, and plenum.  In California we are using an Ultra Low Nox furnace installed by code and law in every job. The Ultra Low Nox furnace requires professionals to assess HVAC design and performance to account for many changes in air flow and static pressure. Our technicians and Comfort Advisors are trained on a weekly basis to best accommodate customers and make informed recommendations. Be prepared for many modifications of your hvac system when you change out the furnace, which will affect the overall price. We always recommend speaking with a professional technician and HVAC designer who understands the new codes and design in order to make the right decisions and bring the most cost effective solutions for your hvac system. This includes a horizontal furnace in the attic, upflow furnace in the closet, units located in a basement or under the house. We are always trying to enlarge the return and increase its size in order to help the system breathe better and provide better airflow. Only in some cases will we replace only the furnace, even though we would rather replace the entire system, to be able to ensure maximum performance of the HVAC unit. We usually recommend replacing the entire system for this reason. The new technology that is part of the Ultra Low Nox furnaces are working much differently than the older furnaces and require a lot of changes as far as the air ducts, coil sizes, and the condenser. We currently are using R410a freon which is the code in california.  We are proud to talk about our performance and can say for a fact that we provide the most proficient and professional HVAC residential work. Over 30% of our jobs are referrals and repeat customers. We offer solutions to all kinds of HVAC issues, design flaws, and technical problems.

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Furnace Changeout

The Right Choice Heating and Air installed a new 60,000 BTU upflow furnace by AC Pro.

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